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Grow Your Business with Cloud Computing Solutions

You’ve read or heard about the benefits of cloud computing for business; but how do you know where to start or what cloud solutions are most appropriate for your company?

While some business have gone cloud wholeheartedly, completely removing servers from their office and working 100% ‘in-the-cloud’. Not every organization is in a position to follow suit. Maybe you’ve just recently invested a large amount of capital into new server hardware; perhaps you do not have sufficient internet bandwidth available yet. Regardless of your current situation, there are still a magnitude of solutions available that almost every business can take advantage of. Dorset Connects offers cloud computing solutions that can help you stay ahead of the game; and when you’re ahead of the game, you lead!

Easy to Reach Cloud Services

Office 365

Office 365 cloud solutions

  • Get World-Class Email
  • Host Web and Video Conferences
  • Easily share and store files
  • Collaborate across schedules

Microsoft Azure

Azure Logo

  • Run your key apps remotely
  • Access a complete desktop in the cloud
  • Backup your local servers
  • Host a web site

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX

  • Connect your phone anywhere
  • Get your voicemail in your inbox
  • Save money by ditching that local PBX
  • Add and remove phone lines as needed

Get Started in The Cloud

Do you want to learn how moving even a part of your business into the cloud can help you become more agile, increase availability and reduce capital expenses?

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What the cloud offers your business

File Sync and Sharing
siterecovery4We all know and love the benefits of being able to share files between multiple computers, cell phones, and users, by using services like Dropbox, Box, and One Drive. However, the inherit security concerns of syncing and sharing your valuable business data and customers PHI in a public environment. For organizations concerned with the sovereignty and security of their data, private sync and share options are available and cost effective.
Application Hosting
Azure Virtual machines
Organizations have begun hosting specific applications in the cloud usually to allow employees or contractors outside of the office to access data easily or to mitigate and segregate the load and support costs on existing in-house systems. Some very common applications that are often ‘clouded’ include accounting packages (QuickBooks/SAGE Acounting), ERP platforms (Microsoft Dynamics, SAP), Scheduling Software, CRMs, etc…
Hosted Email
Azure Site Recovery
With the availability of hosted exchange and similar platforms, the need for your own in-house email server has dwindled. More and more organizations are moving to and benefiting from hosted email solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google.
Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Traditionally over-looked, data backup or disaster recovery solutions can now be custom tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. Simply make daily copies of your data to the cloud, or replicate whole servers for fail-over.