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Steve Brophy – Network Engineer

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Steve Brophy

Network Engineer 

Professional Bio:

My computer interest started in1982 with a Timex Sinclair TS1000. It had 2kb of ram and a used a form of the “Basic” computer language. Storage was my sister’s cassette recorder which plugged in to the Sinclair and saved programs to a cassette tape. Five years later I graduated to an XT PC with a 10 mb hard drive. I joined the Dorset team in 2003 and now work with Exchange and Blackberry Enterprise Servers. I Manage a Checkpoint Firewall and an EqualLogic San.

Personal Bio:

Born and raised in Chester County PA. Played College Lacrosse at UC Santa Barbara. Coach my nephew’s basketball summer league team.

More about Steve:

Favorite book: Pillars of the Earth

Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing – You believe that don’t you?

I’d Rather Be: Riding a motorcycle in an exotic low traffic location followed by dinner at a great restaurant.

Memorable support call: I was the one receiving the support and the gentleman responded three different times… ” I don’t know – what do you think?”

Favorite dessert: Single Malt Scotch

Steve Brophy - Network Engineer