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Tim Hentschel – Engineer

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Tim Hentschel


Professional Bio:

My experience in computing goes back to the early 90s when we had just gotten our first Windows machine, the Gateway 2000 mini-desktop computer. Every day I would spend hours going through software that took me to different worlds. Whether I was battling evil demonic forces on Mars or learning about space travel with Encarta 95’, I knew that computing was right for me. Wanting to pursue a career in the tech industry, I wanted to learn everything there was about computers. Starting off learning about hardware, I took the hands on approach and built my first PC when I was eight. From this point on, I have built every PC I have owned, naming each one after robots in movies.
After high school, my first real job was working as a cashier at Staples standing side-by-side with the tech department. The job helped me develop interpersonal skills, and it was rewarding talking to someone who was fanatical about technology as I was. After that, I found a job working in sales selling vacuums and various cleaning supplies. During downtime, I would repair vacuum cleaners left by customers as part of a routine tune up. Eventually, I quit the sales gig and found a job at the local casino repairing slot machines.

More about Tim:

I consider myself quite the movie buff, and will watch any film (good or bad) from any time period. I used to hang around Blockbusters to find the cheesiest looking movies I could find based on the cover, usually showing them to an awe-stricken audience.
Growing up with Intellivision and Nintendo, I also have a love for retro video games and have a large library that I’ll pick from when I have the time. I also still have a Commodore 64 set up in my room, and will sometimes turn it on just to hear the soothing sound of SID chip music. Arcade machines have always fascinated me, and I consider them the reason behind my background in electronics.

I’d rather be . . . Designing a home theater setup.

Favorite Band: Rush

Favorite Book: “Dark Tower: The Gunslinger” by Stephen King.

Favorite Movie: “Blade Runner”

Favorite TV Show: “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

Tim Hentschel - Engineer