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Will McGeorge – Engineer

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Will McGeorge


Professional Bio:

I’ve been at Dorset for nine months now, and it’s been very nice.  Definitely the most fulfilling job I’ve had, coming from a background in mental health care, It’s nice to actually be able to permanently fix someone’s problem, instead of only making it a little less terrible for them.  I work at the Connect Desk, so I handle the day to day interactions with clients and the problem/solution side of things, where someone calls in that their computer is having an issue, and I connect with them, get information from them about the problem, and then work to resolve it and prevent it from happening again.

More about Will:

I’d rather be . . . playing the latest video game.

My Best Friend: is a Canadian Artist

Pets: I had some cats for seventeen years, but then they died.

Will McGeorge - Engineer