Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Accidents happen. Can you recover from a crypto-ware or ransomware attack? Business Continuity means fast data recovery and minimizes disruption and losses to your business. Regardless of what has happened, you’ll be able to restore your data in no time and continue with business as usual!

The Cost of Backup Failure

Downtime is real, and it’s costly. Across all businesses, it’s a staggering $163,674 per hour, according to research by the Aberdeen Group. Of course, the exact costs depend on company size: small companies lose approximately $8,581 per hour; medium companies $215,638 per hour; and large enterprises a whopping $686,250 for every hour of downtime. The numbers speak for themselves: failure is not an option!

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Business Continuity Solution from Dorset Connects could easily and affordably solve this problem by providing:


Data Security – Your files are backed up throughout the day, not just at night!


Minimal Business Disruption during a server failure


Peace of mind that you can be back in business quickly! – Get your server running in minutes, not days!


Compliance – Maintain regulatory compliance with the ability to recover email messages or attachments


Protection from Physical Catastrophe – Off-site replication to add another layer of protection

Find out how much downtime would cost your business by using our free “Downtime Calculator”.

Backups vs. Business Continuity

Traditional backup solutions are designed for a specific purpose: backing up your data. But what about disaster recovery? Did you know that a traditional tape backup of a single server can take days to restore, leaving your business in limbo? Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services from Dorset Connects bridge the gap between backups and recovery by enabling fast virtualization of failed servers to get your business back up and running.

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