As more companies look at moving their applications to the cloud, one question circulating in the business community is around the potential savings of making the move. And to be honest, some of the cost savings are difficult to measure because there simply isn’t enough data yet for an accurate comparison.

But one thing is certain: when businesses move to the cloud, there are financial benefits you may not have considered.

Most companies are looking for a bottom line savings. Perhaps because they’re reducing or redistributing headcount. Or they no longer pay annual maintenance fees. But you need to think beyond the traditional IT cost savings when you’re evaluating cloud.

Below are three surprising ways that moving to the cloud can help your bottom line:

1. Increased Business Flexibility and Agility

If your business experiences fluctuations in volume, there is a significant benefit to taking advantage of the cloud. By having a fully scalable “pay for what you use” model, you are allowing your business to grow or change organically without having to worry about how your data usage fits into the game. You don’t have to worry about purchasing licenses that never get touched or huge increases as your organization evolves.

2. Avoid Large Capital Investments

On-premise data storage typically comes with some pretty hefty price tags in the form of up-front equipment and installation expenditures. It’s difficult to manage for new or growing businesses that want to reinvest in their mainstay instead of storage racks. By switching from a CAPEX to OPEX model, your organization is free to grow and change while avoiding large initial expenditures and strengthening the ROI of your storage investment as your business continues to grow.

3. Business Continuity Protection

One of the most important facets of running a successful business is ensuring that your customers feel like they can rely on you. By moving your data storage to the cloud with a reliable partner such as Dorset Connects, you ensure that your access to that data is efficient and constant. Whether your industry requires you to transmit large sensitive documents or your employees need an email system that can handle some heft, having reliable cloud data storage can absolutely contribute to the experience that your customers have when they work with you.

Moving to the cloud has many benefits, and reducing your bottom line is certainly included in that list. Whether you’re looking to save capital up front, have more flexibility with your data storage needs or provide your customers with better business continuity, partnering with Dorset Connects will enable you to enjoy the opportunity to reduce your bottom line.