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What you don’t know, may hurt you!

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your business and it is probably safe to say that IT is a BIG part your business. Don’t take the chance of not catching a crucial mistake in your computer network that could potentially carry disastrous results! Our network assessments offer you peace of mind by providing the exact state of your network.

Network Security Assessment

In addition to our Network Infrastructure Scan, we also offer a standard Network Security Scan. This assessment aims to highlight common problems that are typically overlooked by technical staff. It also offers great reports that can be used to get a true understanding of your network security practices as they are compared to your policy. Some of the reports we deliver include:

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This report includes a proprietary Security Risk Score and chart showing the relative health (on a scale of 1 to 10) of the network security, along with a summary of the number of computers with issues. In addition, it also reports on outbound protocols, System Control protocols, User Access Controls, as well as an external vulnerabilities summary list.

A comprehensive report including security holes and warnings, informational items that can help make better network security decisions, plus a full External Scan which checks all 65,535 ports against your firewall. This is an essential item for many standard security compliance reports.

Highlights deviation from industry standards compared to outbound port and protocol accessibility, lists available wireless networks as part of a wireless security survey, and provides information on Internet content accessibility.

Secure your email with threat protection

New malware campaigns are being launched every day, and Office 365 has a solution to help protect your email against them. With Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection, you can protect your mailboxes against new, sophisticated attacks in real time. By protecting against unsafe attachments and expanding protection against malicious links, it complements the security features of Exchange Online Protection to provide better zero-day protection.

Protect against unsafe attachments

With Safe Attachments, you can prevent malicious attachments from impacting your messaging environment, even if their signatures are not known. All suspicious content goes through a real-time behavioral malware analysis that uses machine learning techniques to evaluate the content for suspicious activity. Unsafe attachments are sandboxed in a detonation chamber before being sent to recipients. The advantage is a malware free and cleaner inbox with better zero-day attack protection.

Protect your environment when users click malicious links

Exchange Online Protection provides protection against malicious links by scanning content. Safe Links expands on this by protecting your environment when users click a link. While the content is being scanned, the URLs are rewritten to go through Office 365. The URLs are examined in real time, at the time a user clicks them. If a link is unsafe, the user is warned not to visit the site or informed that the site has been blocked. Reporting is available, so administrators can track which users clicked a link and when they clicked it.

Get rich reporting and track links in messages

Gain critical insights into who is being targeted in your organization and the category of attacks you are facing. Reporting and message trace allow you to investigate messages that have been blocked due to unknown viruses or malware, while URL trace capability allows you to track individual malicious links in the messages that have been clicked.

How to get Advanced Threat Protection

You can add Advanced Threat Protection to most Office 365 subscriptions in a matter of minutes. To add Advanced Threat Protection to your subscription, give us a call at 484-845-1600 or email us today.


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