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Creating a competitive advantage in today’s IT world requires the acquisition of strategic talent, where and when you need it. Companies of all sizes are turning to Dorset Connects, not just because they want to save money, but because they need an organization they can count on. Dorset Connects has a pool of IT resources with diverse skills required to deliver state of the art solutions with greater speed and quality.

On-site IT Staffing Works for Businesses That Are:

  • Growing and in need of extra IT staff to meet the new business demands
  • Moving locations
  • Merging or acquiring businesses and integrating technology assets

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Technology Budgeting for SMBs

The typical SMB manager’s approach to IT budgeting used to be pretty straightforward. Keep it lean. Keep it simple. Avoid change as much as possible. Fix what’s broken, and upgrade when only necessary. And since there’s often a vocal group outside of IT that’s unhappy...

Strategic IT Outsourcing

Dorset Connects offers several strategic IT outsourcing services to help its clients achieve their goals. We have the ability to deploy outsourcing as a tactic to reduce operating costs or augment internal teams and deploy subject matter experts where and when they are needed. Alternatively, we can deploy outsourcing as a strategy to help companies innovate while increasing their ability to respond to rapidly changing market conditions. Every client and project is unique, and in some cases a project may require a combination of these strategies.

Technology Support Services

Did you know that Dorset Connects offers helpdesk services? Whether you need 24×7 helpdesk support for your business community or just need access to a fully managed and robust ticketing system, we can help make your IT Support experience truly Hassle-Free!
Find out how Dorset Connects’ Support and Staffing solutions can help you fill your IT staffing needs.


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