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Hassle Free IT Support for a Fixed Cost…

IT is a bright idea

If your company had to hire a full-time tech to support your network would he or she be able to provide unlimited network support? Could they monitor all of your systems around the clock? Provide Windows and Antivirus updates? Manage your backups? How about pay for your software licensing and provide Cloud services? Would their salary also include the cost of new computers?

Dorset Connects’ “Hassle-Free IT” is a complete paradigm shift in how businesses manage and budget their technology. For one fixed monthly investment, your company can have ALL of its IT Support and technology needs taken care of! Even better, with a team of technology support experts supporting your business, you never have to worry about your network calling out sick!

Our Proactive Services Agreement (PSA) provides several support options to fit your requirements – whether it is helping your existing staff, or providing a full IT support solution, we have the tools and know how to “right-size” your IT budget.

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Compare our PSA options below:

PSA Basic: Small businesses finally can gain access to professional grade IT management tools, security protection and network management. This plan is intended for clients that have their own IT capable staff. We supplement your staff for escalation, technology advice, and projects.

PSA Essential: This plan includes unlimited remote support during business hours. PSA Essential is our most popular plan.

PSA Complete: This plan includes unlimited remote AND on-site support during business hours.

Plan Comparison:






Document software and hardware changes

Trouble Ticket Portal Access

24x7x365 Monitoring & Alerting

Monthly Executive Summary Reports

Unlimited Remote Support (Mon-Fri/8am-6pm)


Unlimited On-site Support (Mon-Fri/8am-6pm)








Monitor all Server services

Keep Service Packs, Patches and Hot fixes current

Check event log of every server and identify any potential issues

Monitor hard drive free space on server

Monitor Active Directory, replication, user accounts, etc.

Check status of backups

Reboot servers if needed

Alert Client to dangerous conditions – Memory running low – Hard drive showing sign of failure – Hard drive running out of disk space – Controllers losing interrupts – Network Cards report unusual collision activity

Exchange Server user/mailbox management


SQL server management


Scheduled off time server maintenance


Install supported software upgrades


Set up and maintain groups (accounting, admin, printers, sales, etc.)


Educate and correct user errors (deleted files, corrupted files, etc.)


Clean and prune directory structure, keep efficient and active








Keep Service Packs, Patches and Hot fixes current

Manage Antivirus software and definitions updates

Weekly Workstation Tune-ups


Disk Cleanups


Defragment hard-drives


Confirm that antispyware updates have occurred



Vendor Management




Manage the following vendor relationships: – Telecom – ISP – Copiers



Professional Services




Manage Application and Operating System Licenses


Scheduled Business Reviews and Planning Meetings


Onsite – includes support of all existing systems and new PC setups



Project Management




Unlike other MSPs (Managed Service Providers), we do not lock you into a long term contract! If it is not a fit, give us 30 days and we are out of your hair. We can do this because we are confident that you will be delighted with our work!


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