Ask not what technology can do for phishing security, ask what YOU can do for phishing prevention!

The numbers are in and it’s not pretty. In 2021, the average phishing-based ransomware attack cost businesses $1.85 million and resulted in 7 business days of downtime for the company. The worldwide total paid to cybercriminals for ransomware was $20 billion – and experts predict that within 10 years this total could be $230 billion.

It’s time we stop thinking of email security as being all about technology. We need to start thinking of security as every employee’s responsibility.

With technology advancements, the “Bad Guys” have determined the path of least resistance is through email users – hard working professionals who are trying to meet deadlines and stay within limited budgets. They go after people who can be manipulated through Social Engineering, which results in a nightmare attack from one bad click.

Individual email security training is a big part of the solution, which is why Dorset Connects recommends KnowBe4 email security training. KnowBe4 helps users to identify the red flags of social engineering and trains email users to understand how the bad guys are trying to manipulate them.

If you are interested in learning more about Knowbe4, or how this can be a resource for your business, please email