“♫ ♪ The Jig is up, the News is out, they Finally found me.
The Renegade who had it Made retrieved for a Bounty ♫ ♪”

You may not know it but, like the Old West, there is a bounty on you and your data. Spear Phishing is a phishing method targeting specific individuals or groups in an organization. It is a more targeted and malicious tactic, using email, social networking and (SMS) texting to obtain personal information. If the bad guys can lure you into a false sense of security with personal information gleaned from Social Network platforms, they may be able to piece together enough information to allow them to attack or impersonate you as a trusted source to someone of interest in your company.

According to industry experts, Spear Phishing accounts for over 90 percent of data breaches, with an average monetary impact of an attack costing $1.6 million dollars to the victim company. One of the preferred ways for a hacker to get past the endpoint gatekeepers is to simply look for a job. When a company posts for a job, they are inviting anonymous people to get through their endpoint security to hire for a position of need. One of the most popular job postings that hackers target is for IT help. Often, companies will post the software, hardware and network requirements for an IT job posting. These public facing facts can be used as a breadcrumb trail of information for the hackers.

Interested in learning more about Spear Phishing and how to avoid this costly occurrence? We can use a training tool like KnowBe4 to train your recruiters, and the people who are deciding which applicants to interview. For more information, email Help@DorsetConnects.com. Song Lyrics by Styx (1977)