As you may be aware, the pandemic has created unprecedented supply chain issues, including within the information technology (IT) sector. It has become difficult to get IT-related items, such as laptops and webcams, into the hands of consumers. The disruption to the global supply of these items is somewhat rooted in semiconductors. There is simply not enough supply to meet demand.

This demand is due to serious production decreases during the pandemic. Controls for manufacturing plants and other pandemic-related changes in business have prevented a return to full production. Combined with a dramatically increased demand to set up remote workspaces, it is expected to take several years to recover from the current state of affairs. We expect these items to be in short supply through 2022 and it is realistic that consumers may not be able to quickly and easily obtain computer hardware for another one to two years at a minimum.

We recommend planning for the long-term when ordering PC hardware, especially servers and laptop computers. If you are a business which frequently hires new staff and requires quick turnaround on laptops, it may be wise to order a stock of them and replenish it as you use them, rather than attempting to purchase as needed, on-demand.

Dorset is always here to help your business with short- and long-term IT planning. Should you like to discuss this more in depth or have any questions, please email